What is Yard?

Yard is a mobile-friendly app made to design, log and maintain your garden and any plants you have growing.

What can Yard do for me?

  • Design your garden with a visual garden editor, inspired by classic videogames
  • Write a plant journal to log everything in your collection of plants
  • Keep track of photos of your plants with a photo gallery to showcase growth
  • Handy notifications for your garden or specific plants with schedules and sleep months
  • Plus lots more!

What can I do with Yard?

You can maintain your garden, design a garden, log activity in your garden, receive notifications of when work needs to be done in your garden and keep a record of all plants and plant logs in your garden.

How much does it cost to use Yard?

Basic accounts are free, but also refer to our pricing page for more information.

What does Yard look like?

Screenshot of Yard App

Why should I sign in using my Google account?

Aha! We’ve decided that passwords are really annoying, so instead of creating yet another password, you can simply log in using your Google account.